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‘Yoga for Larger Bodies’ Animated Documentary is a Wonderful Story of Healing and Connection

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All too often we’re made to feel shame or embarrassment over our bodies which can become an obstacle in living and enjoying life fully. This wonderful animated documentary is a beautiful exploration of overcoming negative emotions and finding peace in the body and mind through yoga. In it, one woman shares her personal story of healing from shame over having a larger body, and how by offering London’s first yoga class for larger bodies, she helped to create a “healing dialogue” and the space for others to feel free and welcome to practice. The journey is poignantly illustrated by a single, continuous line, keeping with the themes of union, meditation, and connection.

“However limited a person is physically, there’s all those aspects of yoga that we can practice together…It’s not nearly as much of a limitation to practicing yoga as many people think it’s going to be. A lot of people think, I can’t do yoga, I’ll do yoga when I lose weight, I’m not flexible enough to do yoga, and it’s actually not true.”

The piece is a collaboration between UK artist Stacy Bias and Janice Kate Fisher, yoga instructor and owner of London’s Light Yoga Space, and is part of an ongoing series for the Fat Experience Project.



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  • Vision_Quest2

    There is everything right with feeling comfortable with one’s size in a yoga class.

    Believe me, I have been on a sort of crusade for the past few years. Not finding a class like that, at least I had the sense to switch to the milder styles–it was a matter of survival. Who likes to be shamed? Surely, if I ever were to for instance wind up in a class like what J. Brown teaches; well, then, all the skinny, Lulu trendoids and the muscled gymnastics men have left the building for the boot camp yoga taught elsewhere in Brooklyn …

    If I were still taking classes, I would want you to pack up and come to New York City and set up shop here. Too few of your types in these parts.

  • robin

    beautiful drawings, beautiful message! good work!

  • Kammie Reimer

    Love this! This is what I am trying to do here in my area. No one is doing it! And I feel there is a great need for it.

    The artwork by Stacy is amazing!

  • I love this video. It is very well presented and the animation is totally amazing. The message is wonderful and freeing. Your chanting made me feel peaceful. Thank you for sharing.

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