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What Happens When People Find Out You Teach Yoga

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For all the times people start asking a million questions like, “Can you teach us yoga?” “Is this a yoga pose?” “What about this?” when they find out you’re a yoga teacher.

This funny video landed in our inbox with the subject “You should watch this video- in it we yoga and kill Bikram.” Hm, well that’s a little dark, we thought. But this short clip by local yoga teacher Rebecca Ketchum and her fiance Chris Roberti, among others, is a pretty silly and lighthearted take on the onslaught of attention and interest you receive once people learn you teach yoga, which we can admit is pretty sweet as well as maybe a little annoying.

And then there’s the whole other part about Bikram threatening to sue due to copyright infringement leading to his ultimate demise, which may or may not be an interesting, somewhat macabre metaphor for the current state of things.

Description: “When people find out you teach yoga, you get some questions, some requests, and some demands.”

Check it out below…we think many of you can relate!



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  • Hyperactive kids, is what they remind me of!

  • Vision_Quest2

    “Heroes and Villains” by The Beach Boys. Love it!!

  • Sandy Sternshein (@mindfuljogger)

    “It’s not what we didn’t want you to do.” Lol.

  • Yogasana is not entertainment,fun,its not a circus either.

  • Spot on and hilarious!

  • bill

    I didn’t find it funny…

  • jessica

    Pretty darn hilarious and spot on despite the *shocking* ending!

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