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Helsinki Airport Offers Yoga in Hip New Relaxation Lounge

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Have a kink in your jet lag? A snag in your schedule? Get thee to Helsinki! The new super chill 24-hour Kainuu lounge is now open at Helsinki Airport and its peace-inducing decor is designed for exercise and relaxation and passing the time with some layover yoga. The new space features mossy green carpet and wooden plank floors along with hip and funky seating one might expect from the fine and stylish Finnish.

Since its debut on May 23, the Kainuu space is being tested out with different activities, including yoga, to see which ones the passengers enjoy the most so they may become permanent offerings. The Helsinki Airport folks have been pretty excited about it too, posting pics and videos to their Twitter account to spread the word.

While Helsinki certainly isn’t the first airport to offer a yoga space — we’ve seen a few pop up recently in the US like San Francisco, Burlington, Chicago and even Dallas — the Finns might be the first to offer in-person passenger-needs specific classes like “Jet Lag Yoga” led by real live instructors from local yoga studio Pihasali. (Passengers are also welcome to roll out their mats and do their own practice.)


Beyond yoga, they host a free book swap for passengers and this summer they’re launching “Taste of Finland” pop-up restaurants giving passengers a crash-course on Finnish coffee culture, adding to the airport’s already über cool factor of being one of the hippest travel hubs we’ve ever seen.

[Via Finavia]



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