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Impromptu Governors Ball Yoga

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The air was thick with Miller Lite and hipster vibes when Sleigh Bells hit the Governors Ball stage this past weekend. While lounging in the grass and snacking on my $9 falafal crumble wrap (there was maybe ONE falafel ball sprinkled about…oh, expensive, chintzy festival food) and enjoying the scene, an interesting thing happened. One lone dude started doing his yoga practice. Nothing unusual. This is a music festival in NYC after all. Anything goes! Then one girl from the group behind him began jokingly mocking the man’s sun salutes, half-seriously following his movements to her friends’ delight. But it wasn’t long before the entire group popped and began to join in. Soon it was a crowd of a dozen tie-dyed, beer-sweating music fans stretching and breathing and moving in unison. Some yoga flash mobs just happen. It went on for 10 minutes and would have gone even longer and gotten even bigger, but the teacher for the day, the man just doing his practice, decided his was done. Everyone cheered and went on their merry way. The Strokes were on soon.

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