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‘Meditation Mob’ to Descend on the Highline Tonight

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When it comes to clever marketing campaigns, flash mobs are one way, outside of a glass box on wheels, to grab some extra attention. For some reason in NYC a bunch of people gathering together to do one particular thing is still cause for a scene.  Tonight, June 5, at 7:30pm a downtown yoga studio is hosting a 10-minute “meditation mob” on the High Line in Chelsea.

Sure, it’s a marketing stunt. But we like this for three reasons: 1. the High Line is beautiful, and even more so closer to dusk (too bad they missed Manhattanhenge!); 2. there are no formal instructions for this “mob,” it’s just a show up and meditate event – BYOZ (Bring Your Own Zafu); 3. participants can still have their own personal experience, and maybe encourage others to join, whether it’s a staged promotion or not.

Here’s the info via Yoga 216’s facebook page:

Meet us on the Highline (W 17th X 10th Av) this evening at 7:30pm and be part of our meditation mob! Unite for 10 minutes of calm amidst the chaos of NYC. All the serenity you need can be found within.

The meditation will happen rain or shine. Isn’t that the way?

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  • Vision_Quest2

    Remember the days when meditation flash mobs in New York City were meditation flash mobs?
    Like the ones with Srikala Kerel Roach and that environmental gang (forget their name … //?)

    Oh, as they say… “life goes on …”

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