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Yoga Pants Startup Wants You to Go Commando, As In No Underwear

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If you don’t like people seeing your underwear through your yoga pants, don’t wear them! So says Dear Kate a startup underwear company gone commando. If you haven’t heard, there have been a few issues with see-through yoga pants lately, and we’ve recently reached the conclusion that underwear can be seen through virtually every pair from every brand available. We’ve processed and accepted this. Now we’re being asked to get rid of underwear all together? Pardon our trepidation!

Dear Kate started as period-positive underwear company, offering panties with the promise of leak-resistant protection for that certain time of the month or little accidents. Developed by founder Jill Sygiel, the patent-pending Underlux material is designed to be absorbent and breathable and act as a sort of built-in pantyliner. Delving bravely into the wild world of yoga pants, Dear Kate is looking to take this crotchal technology to new levels with the help of a kickstarter crowdfunding campaign which makes bold statements like: never see-through and no camel-toe. They claim that these pants are in fact, better than underwear.


After overcoming the initial terror and fear of flashing your de-pantied undercarriage, and the odd sensation of freedom down there, could they maybe be right?

If they are, they really have something very interesting and profitable on their hands. If not, this could go south really fast! We’re guessing this no underwear thing isn’t for everyone, though we imagine some yogi folks already do it.* Also, if you’re too squeamish, you could probably just wear underwear like usual. It’s not like these pants would stop working as pants if you did.

The other upsides besides going commando (if you indeed find that to be an upside) these pants/shorts/undies are all sewn in the US (not sure where material is sourced), they come in sizes XS-3X and the company is super female-positive. Plus you don’t have to worry about wedgies and bunchiness, though you may at first suffer from PWS (Phantom Wedgie Syndrome: when you are so used to having wedgies it’s weird to not have one so you keep thinking you do.) The biggest downside we see to the commando thing is having to wash your yoga pants every single time you wear them, which is way more annoying than tossing your underoos in the laundry. Oh come on, like you don’t wear your yoga pants a few times if they pass the sniff test.

Check out the Dear Kate Yoga Pants campaign video below. They’ve already well-surpassed their $15,000 goal, but if you want to get in on the ground floor with these gals there’s still time. We’ll warn you, the cost is not cheap, but if you’re a “go commando” kind of gal you might decide it’s worth it.


*UPDATE: It appears, based on comments here and facebook, that many of you already go without underwear! You learn something new every day 😉 For those astonished by the underwear under the yoga pants thing, we’re pretty sure it’s thongs, not your favorite granny pants.




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  • Rebecca Chow

    This article is funny to me! I have never worn underwear under my yoga pants and I had no idea that was not the norm. Now I feel like a big weirdo LOL! This is such a non-issue to me! It sounds super uncomfortable to wear underwear under thin tight pants, doesn’t that create pinching, wedgies, and visible panty lines? So I guess I support the idea of these pants, but I also say they’re kind of pointless. Why not just wear the yoga pants you already have without underwear? Talk about a first world problem! Wear underwear or don’t, there are more important things to worry about in life. P.S. you can’t get camel toe in sweats or baggier pants so just wear those, who needs to waste $100 on silly yoga pants anyway, heck I did yoga in my pajamas today 🙂

    • lala

      At TT, our teacher admonished us to wear underwear. She said that many people don’t. The pants are really sheer and the view is not unlike what a gynecologist must encounter during an exam. Seems like a pretty good reason to wear underwear.

  • Suzannah

    I never wear underwear with my yoga pants. My thought is everyone should be concentrating on their own practice, not on my crotch. And if the teacher happens to get a glimpse, well I’m sure he/she has seen it a million times.

    Also, you’ve got a typo in the first sentence: “don’t where them” should be “don’t wear them”. 🙂

  • Pam

    I agree with Rebecca. This is a non-issue. While I normally do wear underwear under my yoga pants, I can say that I have never noticed anyone else’s underwear (or lack thereof), in any yoga class. If you want to go commando, go ahead. If you want to wear underwear, likewise. I would also like to point out that using a flash while taking yoga pant pictures will exaggerate any “see-thru” issues. Most of the yoga pants in previous article on this subject were probably not noticeably see-through in normal lighting.

  • S.

    Any company that takes the market share away from Lululemon has my vote.

  • I never wear underwear with my yoga pants either! Luckily I missed the Lulu see thru line! Will definitely check out this new line though.

  • aleya banks

    Hi fun article but not sure why this is new news. I have been going commando for a while with my yoga pants. Also the crotch thing is not new – I have been buying pants from yogasmoga for a year or so and they have the hi-tech crotch lining out for a while – they have it in gold color so all of us girls call it the #goldcrotch.

    • This sparked my interest and is news worthy for ppl like me who are constantly annoyed of the “front wedegy” for some odd reason this solution never occurred to me until a friend turned me on to it. Then bam! this article popped up and now I realize that some yoga pants are made for this. Maybe I was living under a rock, but I was informed to read about this trend I had no idea about.lol.

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  • Yes! Love this, I recently was told by one of my friends to go commando also in my workout pants and I’ve never looked back. Thank you for these revolutionary take on yoga pants 🙂 !

  • Patty Cee

    What? I have never worn undies under yoga pants, can’t imagine why one would. The panty lines are very unbecoming. I thought this was the “standard” — am stunned this is even an issue!

  • Diana

    I prefer to wear underwear under my yoga pants, as I get chaffing otherwise. Plus I like to have a layer of cotton next to my nethers since I find most synthetics irritating. Polyester has many great qualities, but it is not breathable.

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