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Mindful Memorial Day

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Memorial Day has come to have many meanings, from the unofficial kick off to the summer to the first BBQ of the season to the actual intended purpose of remembering the men and women who have fallen serving in the armed forces. However you feel about the military and wars and what have you, it’s hard to discount the bravery and sometimes ultimate sacrifice some citizens make to serve their country. And so this is why we decided to participate in this year’s Mindful Memorial Day because, as a community focusing on the peace and wellness of all, why miss an opportunity to show our support and compassion for a more mindful world?

The message behind Mindful Memorial Day is like this, via the crowdrise page:

The purpose of Mindful Memorial Day is twofold. First, to observe Memorial Day with a weekend ceremony that includes a candlelight vigil on Memorial Avenue, near Arlington National Cemetary. Second, to raise awareness and acceptance of the value of Complementary Alternative Medicine in the treatment of the psychological effects of combat.

We’re joining in on spreading the awareness by hosting this flash t-shirt giveaway, gifted by the folks behind Mindful Memorial Day. To win a shirt, leave a comment below, on facebook or twitter on why “mindfulness” is an important concept when it comes to celebrating Memorial Day. This is only open today!

If you want more info about the Mindful Memorial Day events in DC check out the facebook invite. One of the day’s scheduled events is a discussion of bill HR 3516 a bill introduced by Congressman Tim Ryan to guarantee veterans access to Complementary Alternative Medicine.

Learn more at the fundraising event page here.

UPDATE: Congrats to Susan! Thank you all for sharing your mindful thoughts.



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  • Mindfulness of sacrifice brings greater awareness of what sacrifices we too can make to help make this world a better place – and just perhaps, if enough of us were to embrace mindfulness, our swords would turn into plowshares and there would be no more war. Blessings to the men and women who have and are serving; may they find peace upon their return home.

  • Dina Ramon

    Mindfulness should be our focus as we practice yoga this Memorial Day weekend because our spiritual sense and intention should extend beyond ourselves to encompass all others- especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

  • May

    When we practice mindfulness, it is clear that we are all one in our humanity, not separate individuals. If we hold this in our hearts, there would be no need for warfare.

  • melinda S

    Mindfulness for me is directed related to the event at hand. Yet in all of the many ways I interact with others mindfulness is represented by the greater good. I strive to observe Memorial day with a mindfulness of the sacrifices those who have served in our armed have given to our country, in times of peace and in times of war.

  • IAE H.

    Mindfulness is important as we honor our service members on Memorial Day as a reminder to open our hearts upward our thoughts outward, to accept without judgement.

  • MMD is a good cause. I encourage everyone to check it out.

  • ADK

    Being mindful during Memorial Day means taking time to remember our fallen and honoring them for their sacrifices. We must also aid our soldiers who survived and are still suffering and I can’t think of better way to help them than through yoga and meditation!

  • For the first time ever, mindfulness and yoga are being brought to the Women’s Memorial of Arlington Cemetery. It is my deepest honor to represent our most beloved practices in one of our nations most Sacred places. We mindfully honor the fallen every time we live our best selves. No matter what, at least for one weekend a year, WE, as a nation, are united by their sacrifice.

  • pat pelland

    Being in the present and mindful to relish the freedom I enjoy due to the work of others especially the members of the United States armed forces. Honor those who served, those who serve and those who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms.

  • This is a sensitive subject for me. Our troops are programmed to NOT be mindful. They have to be in order to survive and handle (or not handle) the things they do and see. Then they return and we don’t help them go back to society. I’m grateful for our troops for the sacrifices they’ve made, and I hope they are able to practice mindfulness. Access to free alternative medicine is a great cause, and I wish the best for you.

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