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Geico Commercial Reminds Us No Texting Pigs, Er…No Cell Phones in Yoga Class!

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What’s the rule again? Everyone say it together now: No cell phones in yoga class! You’ve seen this one, right? Boy that little pink yoga pig is really tapping on our last nadi. Everyone knows it’s not OK to be checking your phone in the middle of yoga class (barring emergencies, of course) but all of these companies with fancy apps want to remind us just how obnoxious it actually is. Hrmph!


But, really, we thank you Geico. Showing everyone what not to do in class is truly doing the lord’s work. Plus, commercials like this offer interesting insights on culture, reflecting back to us a taste of our own medicine. Yeah, it’s meant to be cheeky, but can we really not let go of our phones and disconnect for an hour? (Side note: We just pictured how awful and hilarious it would be to witness a yoga class full of people with bluetooth earpieces. You chantin’ to me? You chantin’ to me? Then who the hell else are you chantin’ to?)

Maxwell the Pig, you’re welcome in yoga class any time, just keep your tiny piggy hooves off your tiny phone and on your pretty pink mat.

This has been a public service announcement.



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  • Stephanie

    My favorite is the student who answers her phone during class and spends the next few minutes in a loud whisper: “I can’t talk right now, I’m in yoga class … No, I really can’t talk … I’ll call you back … Oh, ok, that sounds fine … No, no, I can’t talk now …” Guess what, honey. YOU ARE TALKING. STOP IT.

  • Chanelle

    There is also a Realtor.com commercial with a woman checking a message on a home and high-tailing it out of class to buy it. I saw both of these commercials the same night and thought my head would explode! But it is kind of funny that these companies are capitalizing on this yoga faux-pas.

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