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Jennifer Lawrence Trained with Yoga for X-Men’s Mystique

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How to get actress Jennifer Lawrence to be as graceful and fluid as Mystique? Why, yoga, of course. JLaw may be America’s favorite come-as-you-are foul-mouthed sweetheart, but we know (from her many, many trips and spills) that sisterwoman is not known for her graceful moves. So playing the slithering, shape-shifting Mystique in the latest installments of the “X-Men” film series was not the easiest feat, if not only because the gal just can’t seem to stay on her own feet.

When asked about training for the role, Lawrence told Entertainment Tonight: “We had certain fights that we coordinated, but also the way that Mystique moves, kind of lizardy-like so lots of yoga and learning to move in the exact opposite way that I move my body.”

She does look kind of Vishnu-y. And check out all the yoga in action!

Kidding, she has a stunt person doing all the kung fu and flips, but still, maybe some yoga practice has helped the star overcome her magneto-eat-the-concrete super powers. Or maybe it just lends itself to her f*uck all attitude.



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