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TWIY: Chicago’s Urban Yoga Inspiration, When to Leave Yoga Class, NYC Event Next Week!

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Dear mothers, mommas, mommies, mamas, mums, caregivers, aunties, doting friends and nurturers of love, we hope you had a happy Mother’s Day! It’s not every day we celebrate you, but we should! Much like yoga and meditation, and the love we receive from our children (human, furry, or otherwise) EVERY DAY. Ha ::cue the eye roll:: OK, so there are days we may skip out on the practice, but we know it’s still there. It resides within 😉

BIG HEADS UP NYC! If you’ll be in the New York area next week do not miss out on this very special event with distinguished yoga bloggers Carol Horton and Roseanne Harvey in a discussion on the current paradigm shift in yoga culture. The event will happen on two nights (May 19th in Brooklyn and 20th in Manhattan) which means you have two chances to join in on the conversation, and maybe even meet the YD mascots, Leroy, Lala and Lucy. More details on everything here!

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga

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