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Amazing Sand Art Captures Yoga’s Fluidity in Stillness

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The awesomeness of this yoga-inspired sand sculpture never gets old.

Entitled “Mirage,” the piece was created by artist Katie Grinnan as a sculptural time-lapse of her body moving through a sun salutation. Constructed of out of friendly plastic, enamel, and sand it’s both grace-in-stillness and stillness-in-motion, having captured the moving form in one single structure. Grinnan described the piece as an exploration of “peripersonal space” where the body is depicted as expanding in multiple directions. She explains: “Mirage focuses on the concept of peripersonal space, the space that your body encompasses at its most extended point in every direction, which describes the body’s potential boundary.”



Via the Hammer Contemporary Collection:

Katie Grinnan uses sculpture, photography, sound, and video to explore the relationship between our visual and kinesthetic experience and our resulting interpretation of space. To make MirageGrinnan cast multiple molds of her body executing a sun salutation, a sequence of hatha yoga postures, or asanas, that are typically repeated in a rising and falling, undulating motion. Resembling a multiarmed Hindu deity, Mirage describes the full extent of the body’s peripersonal space. Dependent upon context, the space within our personal boundaries is constantly changing, directly impacting our perception of reality. This subjective experience of space and time is at the core of Mirage: the work translates a specific movement into a static object, compressing linear time in a manner that recalls the principle of quantum superposition, which holds that a physical system exists in all its possible states simultaneously but can be observed in only one state at a time.



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