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9 Earth-Friendly Yoga Goods and Tips for a Happy Planet

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It’s Earth Day! We here at YD like to call it “Home Appreciation Day.” Though yogis could tell you we don’t need a separate day to celebrate, it’s nice to take the time to recognize. And because the yoga world is not immune to consumerism and material items (though some may try to live otherwise) we thought it fitting to share just a few eco-friendly recommendations for your yoga shopping needs/wants/desires/non-attachments.

Earth-Friendly Stuffs


1. tpECOmat (3mm) Yoga Mat by Kulae: made from non-toxic, 100% recyclable and biodegradable man-made material.

2. Jade Travel Mat: made in the USA from natural open cell rubber. Jade plants a tree for every mat sold through a partnership with Trees for the Future.

(Both mats are portable, 100% biodegradable and PVC- and Latex-Free.)

3. SoulFlower Skirted Yoga Pants: made from 100% organic, fair trade cotton with low-impact dyes.

4. Anjali mens city yoga short: made from eco-conscious soy, organic cotton and spandex jersey.

Other Stuffs + Tips


5. Recycled Meditation: What goes around…try making this meditation tool (above) out of an old jar, for yourself or a youngin’. How-to here.

6. Bring a water bottle!: Reusable water bottles save money and reduce plastic waste. (Be sure to look for BPA-free.)

7. Practice in the dark: Turn the lights down low (or off) for a mood-setting and energy-saving practice.

8. Recycle your old mats: There are a gazillion things you can do with them. OR drop them off at a participating studio (if your local studio doesn’t recycle or donate mats, do your part and make the suggestion!)

9. Shop Earth-friendly: Try these eco-curated sites for your afternoon procrastination perusal:

Bonus: A YD Earth Day tradition! – Watch Carl Sagan’s “Pale Blue Dot” video today (and whenever you’re feeling like life has got you down) for some cosmically awe-inspiring perspective.

 Have more to add? Please share your own suggestions and recommendations in the comments!


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