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Adorable Namaste Cat Does Morning Namaste Practice (VIDEO)

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Everyone has it wrong, this adorable feline isn’t begging for food, kitty is doing her morning namaste practice! It probably goes something like this:

“Namaste, human companion/scratching post…Namaste, furry fake mouse with a mysterious smell that drives me wild…Namaste, squiggly thing I love to chase but stop caring about once I catch you…Namaste objects on a table just asking to be swatted onto the floor…”

We’re sure there’s also a, “Namaste delicious food locked in a can, and namaste magic can opener for your masterful wizardry!”

Watch the video and tell us what you think. Skip to 1:17 mark for the full namaste effect. Thanks to HuffPo for this amazing gif we will love forever and ever.


[Via HuffPo]



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