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Life-Changing ‘Prank’ a Tearjerker and Dream Come True for Yogi Trailblazer Chelsea Roff

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If you haven’t seen this video of yoga teacher Chelsea Roff receiving the best ever “Prank it Fwd” then you must watch it right now. The YouTube video which has been shared through every internet outlet possible has already received over 5.7 million views and probably produced almost just as many tear-soaked tissues because this is pretty much the most amazing and generous prank we’ve ever seen. What’s even cooler is it happened to one amazing yogi who’s been working really hard to raise awareness around Yoga for Eating Disorders and her new Eat Breathe Thrive organization.

The “prank” was hosted by Break who, every year, during April Fool’s Week, turns the tables and “Pranks is Forward” with positive prankiness. This particular prank involved giving Chelsea, an unsuspecting waitress, a $1000 tip, two tickets to Hawaii, a surprise visit from her very first yoga teacher, a valuable professional connection to grow Eat Breathe Thrive, and a brand new car. Pretty darn fantastic. (We know…Chelsea still has to wait tables? What’s up with that? But, perhaps after this it won’t be too much longer.) What do they say about karma?

Check out the video below for your daily dose of warm and fuzzies. And head over to eatbreathethrive.org for more info about Chelsea’s organization and her drive to help people with eating disorders and PTSD through yoga. (For every $5K raised they can offer their six-week program at a treatment center for free.)

For Break’s part, the more views this video gets, the more money they donate to http://www.DoSomething.org.



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  • I hadn’t seen this yet! Awesome!

  • This video made me cry. No, I mean, it literally made me cry.

    I’ve known Chelsea from way back in the early days of elephant journal online, where she was was one of my very best and most popular yoga writers (see http://www.elephantjournal.com/author/chelsea-roff/).

    Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person.

    Bob W.

  • Ali

    What’s wrong with waiting tables? To be frank, she seems perfectly content without those gifts, and isn’t living simply the goal? I’m super glad she’s given the opportunity to spread her message more effectively, but perhaps the glitz is kinda missing the point: she’s already there.

  • Yes she is already there AND why not recognize her? She doesn’t need stuff, but the love shown in this video is something we all can use.

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