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Death-Defying Handstand Inspires Us to Stay Grounded

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This daredevil decided it would be fun to strap a GoPro camera to his shoe and handstand on the edge of a 40-story building. You know, like it’s no big thing. Scott Young is his name and he’s part of 3Run, a group of Parkour and Free-running folks who often pull death-defying stunts like balancing on your hands at the edge of a building in holy crap your pants pose.

We’re not sure if Young has had any formal yoga experience, but something of this measure requires a certain amount of concentration and body/mind control we can only imagine would be fortified by a strong meditation practice. The description on the 3Run website hints that it requires something a bit more than physical acrobatics:

“3Run is the art of freedom, open to everyone who is like-minded in searching to push their physical, philosophical, and spiritual boundaries regardless of the discipline used along the way.”

Right. We don’t know about you, but we’d be getting pretty doggone spiritual hanging upside down over 40 stories of space that could lead us to a less than desired sava-cement-sana.

The description on the YouTube page says that in “true 3RUN style, he pushed past all limitations, to provide mad content and inspire the world.” It’s pretty freaking amazing, and a touch terrifying to watch, we’ll give him that. But we have to be honest that the inspiration lies in our keeping our feet firmly planted on the solid ground! Though perhaps next time you feel a little timid about handstand you can take more comfort in the fact that the wall is there, it won’t move, and like our friend Scott here, it’s really no big thing when you put your mind to it.

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  • This looks terrifying and amazing at the same time! The amount of concentration, strength and balance required is admirable! Thank you for the video and the post!

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