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Jimmy Kimmel Introduces Spray-On Yoga Pants – The Answer to Everything! (VIDEO)

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Spray-on yoga pants? It was only a matter of time! But we can thank late night host Jimmy Kimmel for introducing us to the new product from the controversied Lululemon. And it’s not even April 1st, yet.  They’re called Lululemon Pledge –  a cross between yoga pants and wood polish – which you can spray on, and “for only $1200 enjoy the light feel of paint!” It’s perfect for the cafe, the office and, of course, yoga class.

Kimmel seems to love making fun of the lulus (remember this hilarious yoga pants shortage video?) and this time it’s in response to the latest wave of schools banning yoga pants because they’re too revealing. Well, you can’t get any more revealing with “pants” than this.

“Because the best pants are no pants at all.”

Note: Please do not spray Pledge or any other “pants” product in a can on your skin. Heavens.



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