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5 Reasons Lady Gaga Has the Best Yoga Outfit Ever

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Lady Gaga spotted wearing a pink coat while arriving at The Yoga Spot in New York City
We know, Lady Gaga. Sister’s a piece of work. The Lady of Gag was spotted the other day in NYC heading to yoga wearing this interesting outfit. A fuzzy pink robe and a face mask to yoga? Well, when she’s not wearing this funky getup, or her underwear, or you know, nothing.  But, hey, we have to love Lady G, and this outfit speaks to us in a way none of her others have.

Heck, you know what? This has to be one of the best yoga outfits we’ve seen in a long time.

Here are our top reasons why:

1. Firstly, that looks like a pretty comfy coat. She’s headed to a 105 degree yoga class, but girlfriend looks mighty cozy and ready to curl up for restorative. Points for the comfort factor, a rare thing for the mother of torture devices masquerading as clothing.

2. That face mask, a la Haus of Gaga, looks like the perfect sweat deflector. We know she’s a longtime Bikram fan so the face protection can act as an excellent accessory when the sweat and/or other bodily fluids start flying. (Have you ever been in class with Lady Gaga before? You heard about her recent vomit episode on stage, yeah?)

3. You can not purchase this outfit in ANY store. Like, you could probably pick up some similar items in various specialty shops, but this entire outfit could not be bought for a couple of Benjamins at your local LuluAthleLoleGapNavy. Whether she meant it or not, it’s a big FU to all the yoga clothing retailers trying to sell their from-street-to-yoga-to-street-to-nightclub collection. (We realize this is her go-to yoga outfit, not necessarily her in-class outfit.)

4. She is 10 curlers and 2 fluffy pink slippers away from this cartoon representation of exactly how we FEEL going to yoga so many days.


5. Finally, sisterwoman DOES NOT give a flying fist of fire about what anyone thinks about her pink housecoat. Because, really, does it matter what you wear to yoga class?


Image via Santi/Splash News



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