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Justin Timberlake Does Yoga On a Boat

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And then there was that time Justin Timberlake did yoga on a boat in Barbados. Sure he’s got the European leg of his 20/20 Experience World Tour right around the corner, but isn’t that all the more reason to hang out on the open seas, do some water skiing and take in a little sun salutation with the wifey? That’s yoga fan Jessica Biel lounging nearby showing support/giving instruction/chanting the Gayatri Mantra (probably) while JT chaturanga’s his way even further into our hearts.

Celebriyogis, they’re just like us.





[Via Daily Mail]



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  • VQ2

    Looking like his chatturanga and downdog need a little smidge of work. I realize how strong he is. Chatturanga is not about demonstrating how strong you are by lowering the torso so far down your elbows look like they want to take flight. As for the downdog, it depends on the style as to how far he should be lifting his posterior to the sky, and rotating the arms outward. Drishtis are fine. His practice is probably all about the breath, and mine is about the movement.

    Ahh, what’s the use?

    He certainly could afford a private instructor to tell him all this, shoreside.

  • Lucy

    Nice abs. Lousy alignment.

  • It’s nice to see celebrity doing yoga. Now I know why Justin maintains a very good figure.

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