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TWIY: Yoga+Ice Cream Cleanse, Men in Yoga Pants, Kids Find Stress Relief

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Oh, Spring! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the weatherman is calling for…what? more snow?! OK, so maybe Mother Nature hasn’t jumped on the Spring wagon yet, but we’re thisclose to warmer temps and sunnier skies, and yoga practice outside?

Alas, Spring weather may seem far away, but we’re grateful for the reminder that enjoying the moment and where we are right now – amidst the waves of change and seasonal renewal – is where true happiness lies. (If you’re still itching for winter to finally end, we recommend reading this.)

And now, the news!

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:


Body positive yoga for all sounds like a pretty good idea. Click on over for more info about Fat Yoga and their campaign to fund their first online video series.


Angelina Jolie did yoga for Maleficent but she wasn’t happy about it!


It’s not just Disney villains, even UFC fighters are getting their yoga practice in before battle.


Yoga+Ice Cream=Cleanse of our dreams? We’ll have another scoop, please.


MEN IN YOGA PANTS. That is all.


And then there was a guy who wore yoga pants and pretended he was a girl so he could embarrass other guys looking at his butt. Yep.


And THEN, this funny yoga video took their turn spoofing the “926” aka smooshing men’s jiggly bits, aka why more men don’t practice yoga, apparently. Video here


This story about yoga and mindfulness helping kids cope with the stress of low-income, high-crime neighborhoods is deeply inspiring.


Last but not least – French Bulldogs Love Yoga!


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