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Help Fat Yoga Go Mobile with Online Videos

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Fat Yoga is going mobile and taking its mission to the interwebs near you. A new crowdfunding campaign is currently underway asking for your help to to bring Fat Yoga classes to all who may want them via the magic of internet videos. Because as hard as we try, we can’t all live in Portland!

Fat who? Open just over a year, Fat Yoga is a Portland-based yoga studio offering body positive classes based on something they call “Fat Remixed,” or the transformations that can occur within your body when you practice yoga. Owner Anna Ipox created the studio out of a need for a space that was welcoming as well as knowledgable about larger bodies.

“You just have to do a little Google searching to see all the fat hate. Fat girls shouldn’t wear stretch pants, they shouldn’t wear white, they shouldn’t wear yoga pants and you’re not allowed to let your fat jiggle,” she said. “I just realized I’m gonna make the place I want to go,” Anna said in an interview last year.

No, Fat Yoga is not Fat Camp. And the main objective is not weight loss.

Via their campaign page:

Fat Yoga has no objective or claim towards weight loss. Frankly, we are not interested in it. We focus on strength building, flexibility, balance, self-acceptance and peace of mind. There is much evidence of yoga’s transformative powers. Through a committed yoga practice, we can embrace our relationship with our bodies and find joy in movement.

“There’s a responsibility as a fit woman of size to be visible and challenge those stereotypes,” Anna said. And now she’s branching out of her Portland homebase to bring her brand to whomever wishes to participate.

If you believe in the mission and want to support her endeavor to produce a series of short videos for home practice, head on over to their indiegogo page here.

Here’s the campaign video.

image via indiegogo campaign video



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