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Yoga Pants Prank Succeeds In Catching Men Staring At Our Yoga-Pants’d Butts (VIDEO)

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One man takes on the world one set of tight buns in yoga pants at a time. So this, dear friends and yogs, is what we have come to: Pranking unsuspecting men ogling at a yoga pants-clad bootie only to be gotcha’d by…gasp…a dude! You mean that wasn’t a sexy ‘lil lady bum filling out those spandex? Oof. Yoga pants, destined to be the butt of the joke.

If you haven’t already seen this prank by Yousef on his FouseyTube Channel (and there’s a big chance you have – his first yoga prank video received over 11 million views, while part two is creeping up on 2.2 million) then feast your eyes on what we can only describe as a clear indication of our society’s major issues with male sexuality. But, wait, sound the alarm, ring the bells (mind the manlybits), haven’t they heard? Men do wear yoga pants. And the prankster didn’t seem to mind wearing them, either. “I might have more fun than I should doing these in yoga pants. haha,” he noted on a YouTube response.

Good for Yousef, who turns the tables and not only gets to experience what it’s like to be a female and sexualized all the time, but also the giddy satisfaction of revealing his manliness, much to the onlookers’ surprise and embarrassment, and our entertainment (though we have to say, as silly as it is, there’s something so disturbing about why there’s a bigger deal made over the reveal rather than the ogling itself). In any case, all of this men in yoga pants talk has got to have the retailers’ ears perked up. Men, like real guys and stuff, can walk around in tiny speedos, spandex cycling shorts, stretchy wrestling outfits and skin-tight wetsuits but yoga pants aren’t ok? Pshhht. We’ll make a bet you’ll be seeing guys willingly walking around in their very own yoga pants sooner than later. You can look, but don’t touch!

Here’s the first Yoga Pants Prank video:



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