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Funny Yoga Spoof Takes Hard Look At Men’s Jiggly Bits

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TONIGHT in a special news report, finding answers to the burning questions: why aren’t more men practicing yoga? Are women conspiring against men in yoga? And, what is the solution to the threat of 926 aka “crushed balls”?

This yoga short by the appropriately named Low Hanging Films, is a hilarious spoof poking fun at, well, men and their bouncy bits. They just can’t seem to stay out of the way during various yoga poses, which can lead to the dreaded “926.” But, wait, didn’t men originally create most of the poses?

“Maybe it’s preemptive karmic payback for high heels and corsets,” one female yoga teacher muses. Besides, don’t women also have body parts that get in the way – namely, two things known as breasts?

Still, you can’t deny the manly plight. “I just want to be able to touch my toes without squeezing the life out of my boys,” says one male yogi who suffered the consequences. Lucky for him, it’s Siri Guru Manjigglies Nutsack to the rescue with a very special “adjustment”! Really. This short film is chock full of lol nuggets, if you will, we don’t want to go on and spoil it by spilling all the juicy details. It’s a little longer than your average yogahaha funny, but it’s worth it. Please enjoy.

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