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French Bulldogs Love Yoga!

in YD News


And now for something completely silly and brainlessly entertaining. Bulldog yoga! If you weren’t already aware, French bulldogs, and bulldogs of all types, seem to be especially huge fans of yoga. Sure, all canines appreciate the occasional feelgood up-and-downward dog, but these little smushface munchkin pups show it off with such exceeding dexterity and adorable appeal, as evidenced by the following YouTube videos.

This first video was sent in by YD reader David who started the proverbial yoga ball rolling. Meet your favorite new cute distractions!

The downdog, updog demo perfectionist.


The overzealous yoga teachers.


The post-nap updoggie.


The easily distracted kiddo.


The Iyengar, long-hold enthusiast.


The humble stretcher.


The reluctant newbie.


The props specialist.


And for the bulldog yoga lovers of the universe, this almost 15-minute long ultimate montage will surely satisfy your cute tooth.



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