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YD SXSW Giveaway: ‘Yoga for Computer Users’ By Sandy Blaine

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Attention Austinites and those descending on the Texas capital this week, YD will be at South by Southwest (aka SXSW)! Head y’dork’ll be co-presenting a panel AND teaching a morning yoga class to the sleepy nerds.

Cue the geek meditation:


There will be no MIT-designed disco yoga mat or high-tech posture-correcting gadget, BUT we will surely be having the best ‘ol time we can have in gray-scaled and carpeted convention center. Check out our panel YogaDOTCalm: Streamlining Productivity and Focus, and all of the morning yoga sessions here and meditation sessions here.

As part of our inspiration for the panel which is all about how to use yoga and meditation to help you do your job (aka life) better, we will be referencing this handy book (A LOT): Yoga for Computer Users by Sandy Blaine.

In honor of all the console-curved desk dwellers and our jaunt to the annual tech-filled wonderfest, we are super pleased to be giving away three copies of the book!

Yoga for Computer Users

WIN: Many of us sit down for long periods of time – you might even be doing it RIGHT. NOW. Or maybe you know some people who sit all day staring at a computer for long hours to play candy crush do their jobs who could benefit from this how-to book on yoga poses to help relieve the creaks and the cricks. We are giving away three copies of Yoga for Computer Users by Sandy Blaine courtesy of Rodmell Press (check them out on facebook here).

TO ENTER: There’s yoga.com and there’s yogadotcalm. We challenge you to come up with your own yoga-related url. Have some fun with it. Here are a few to start you off: inhale.calm, lokahsamastahsukhinobhavantu.info, Ialmostheldhandstandformorethanafewsecondsanditwasawesome.com. Enter yours in the comments!

Giveaway will be open until 11:59pm Wednesday, March 12th. Three winners will be chosen at random and announced sooner after. Good luck!

UPDATE: Congrats to Nour, Kimberlina and Ron Malibu! Thanks to all for your fun and interesting urls. Perhaps one day the internets will reciprocate.



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