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Jasmine Does Yoga to Prepare for ‘Aladdin’ on Broadway

in YD News


Ever wonder what Broadway performers do to warm up before shows? Here’s how “Jasmine” from Aladdin does it, with yoga.

Multiple performances a week, sometimes more than one a day, can really take a toll on the bodies and minds of performers. For actress Courtney Reed, star of the new Broadway stage production of Aladdin, yoga is her pre-show ritual to keep her body limber and ready for the spotlight.

She told Buzzfeed about her “Jasmine” prep:

“I like to do yoga in my dressing room — not really traditional yoga, just my form of yoga and stretching. I’ll have a yoga mat and just be stretching out in my dressing room and people come in. I love listening to Beyoncé Pandora and I usually have my Pandora set to some fierce pop singer as I’m getting ready.”

Before we get all not traditional yoga? Just your own form? let’s be reminded that home practice and self-practice are some of the most soothing and beneficial ways to bring yoga into our lives. The fact that she’s taking the time to squeeze in a yoga sesh backstage in her dressing room before a performance shows just how accessible and adaptable yoga can be to our everyday lives. Plus, followed by Beyonce? This here is a power practice!



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