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TWIY: Must-See X-Ray Video, Winter Olympics Go Yogeling, Emma Watson’s Harry Potter Yoga?

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Change. It’s not just the foreign metal things, aka buried couch treasure, we dig deep for when faced with the dreaded, yet rare, parking meter or pay phone (gasp!). Or the subject of a really great Bowie song. Change is real, it’s planned, anticipated, unexpected and inevitable. We can feel change coming, or we can be blindsided by it hitting us upside the head, sometimes when we’re upside down. Change can be wonderful and it can be devastating.

But the beauty is that adding up all that change can amount to something extremely valuable. Cha-ching!

Yoga teaches us not to attach to our past or our futures, but to ride the waves of change as they occur in the present with our clearest most present selves. Why are we talking so much about change? It could be the amazing spring-like weather teasing us before the season imminent, or it could be our Olympics withdrawals now that the winter games have come to a close — Jamie and Sage, we love you! Also, this week we’ve been reminded of how quickly things can change through love and loss, for the good and bad, but ultimately for the positive. We’ll take the red pill, please!

Here’s What Happened This week In Yoga:



“Get on your feet, get up and make it happen,” are not just smart words from the inimitable Gloria Estefan. Here’s why you should become an ‘afascianado’!


Go DEEPER. Like skeleton deep. See what your body looks like doing yoga with this awesome and beautiful x-ray video.  


Sure, the Olympics are over, for now, but the good news is we’ve already got 7 new Winter Olympic Yoga Sports to tide us over until 2018!


Lu-psie daisy. Lululemon alienates customers by banning them from reselling their stuff online.

Yoga Narashimha, Vishnu in his Man-Lion Avatar, c. 1250 | Cleveland Museum of Art

Yoga Narashimha, Vishnu in his Man-Lion Avatar, c. 1250 | Cleveland Museum of Art

Missed the ‘Yoga’ art exhibit in DC? Maybe it’s time for a trip to San Francisco where it’s moved on to next. In the meantime, check out all the lectures the Smithsonian kindly put online.


Harry Potter Yoga? Crikey! Well, at least with Emma Watson as a yoga teacher we may have a chance.


If Abraham Lincoln were a yogi, this is probably what he would have said.



TWIY: Olympic Yoga Stars, New YD Tee, Shiva Rea Giveaway, Free Online Class

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