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10 Reasons Your Yoga Mat is the Perfect Valentine

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In no particular order of importance, 10 reasons your yoga mat is the perfect valentine! 

1.  You can walk all over it and it’s still going to be there for you.

2.  It doesn’t care about your stinky breath, stinky sweat or stinky feet.

3.  It is incredibly supportive and not afraid to be a total softy.

4.  It always listens to what you have to say with just the right amount of feedback.

5.  It may be a bit annoying to carry, but take it anywhere and people smile and nod in approval.

6.  It’s willing to try new things and doesn’t get upset when you want to divide your time between props.

7.  You can put it away when you want to and take it back out whenever you’re ready.

8.  It will sit with you and watch ANY movie you want.

9.  It always has your back.

10.  When you wear it out you can recycle it and get a new one. No hard feelings!

Now give your mat a name and make it official.

Have more reasons your mat is the perfect valentine? Share them with us in the comments!

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