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Yoga Pants Have School Administrators’ Panties in a Twist, Unable to Enforce Ban

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Yoga pants ban? Nevah! Ever since yoga pants became an utterly ubiquitous staple in every female’s wardrobe, especially teenagers, school administrators have been wringing their hands over the tight pants dilemma, and many have actually been moved to ban them. The yoga pants bans, however, often have little support and barely any founding – the problem is the shape of women’s bodies which tight yoga pants tend to outline rather well, heaven forbid. Students in the past have united and protested and prevailed (remember this pic?), and in the case of Rockport Middle School and High School in Massachusetts, a yoga pants ban lasted less than two days.

The Rockport High School principal decided to enforce a ban on yoga pants last Friday and some 20 girls were forced to change their clothes or wear something provided by the school, which is, like, ew, a teenager’s worst nightmare, or face getting written up. The ban was established because school administrators decided yoga pants and leggings were too distracting, which is funny because they should see what the kids are watching on their smartphones in between classes. We digress.

As with other schools enforcing a yoga pants ban the student body is confused, annoyed and offended saying the whole thing is blown out of proportion. Many of the girls feel targeted and don’t understand the sudden move to draw attention to something that didn’t seem to be a problem.

Jade Barry, a 15-year-old freshman at Rockport called the the ban a form of sexism and says, “I just wear them become they’re comfortable.”

Another student, 16-year-old sophomore Laura Budrow adds, “I think it’s really unfair and really unnecessary.”

Thomas Beaton, a 16-year-old sophomore, a BOY apparently being distracted, said he isn’t distracted and that if boys can wear sweatpants then girls can wear yoga pants. “I think there are bigger school problems to worry about than what girls wear for pants,” he said with an air of maturity that is somewhat refreshing.

According to the school’s student handbook, leggings are not to be worn as pants because they fall under the rule that they “do not contribute to a productive learning culture,” and they are “inappropriate in the business and workplace, as well as the school.” Guess they haven’t gotten a load of the Yoga Dress Pants yet! Also, are jeggings on that list?

Due to the huge backlash, the yoga pants ban lasted one day. At least for now school handbook enforcers have eased off the no yoga pants crusade while Superintendent Robert Liebow gathers a committee to address the situation. Because they need a committee to handle yoga pants.

Both sides seem to have decent arguments, but for this one we stand with the students. As long as the pants aren’t the lulu see-through special or revealing bare bottoms and boobies, we can see no problem with girls wanting to be comfortable, because heaven knows jeans are not it.

Yoga pants shall prevail!

image via myfoxboston.com



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  • James

    So, it looks like you’re all for kids wearing yoga pants to school unless they are a certain kind of yoga pants. Pick a side and stick with it. I’m not sure how longs it has been since you were a teenager but my recollection is of testing boundaries. Vague and ill-defined rules may as well not exist at all.

    The problem, as you pointed out, is that some yoga pants are fine and some aren’t. Unfortunately, the small number of girls who wear yoga pants for the sex appeal are ruining it for the vast majority who (plausibly say that they) wear them strictly for comfort. The schools are doing the best they can. There can not be limitless freedom for kids “wanting to be comfortable” at school.

    • YD

      Au contraire. To clarify, we think kids can wear whatever yoga pants they want. We’re saying we’d hope the school would be ok with it as long as they are truly not becoming distractive, say if they were see-through (as many cotton leggings can be, too) or baring lots of skin which is a big school no-no no matter what style of clothing you’re wearing.

      Not sure who you’re siding with, but it seems in this case banning an entire element of clothing isn’t the best solution, either.

      • Stewart Lawrence

        YD — It’s not just school administrators versus the kids. Plenty of parents are setting boundaries around these and other clothing issues because that’s what parents do – and they’re not all Joan Crawford or the Great Santini for doing so. I have family members who have gone through the “yoga pants” issue with their daughters, and found a happy medium. And their mothers practice yoga. Do most kids want everything their own way? Of course, and that doesn’t make them right about what’s best for them or for anyone else Like most things in life, one does try to achieve a balance between cheerful spontaneity and some common sense good judgment. Something tells me you’re not a parent.

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