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Worst Yoga Teacher Video Makes Very Disturbing Point On Abuse of Power and Sex in Yoga

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The video’s YouTube description reads: “The worst yoga teacher ever. Guy teachers, you’ve been warned.” Indeed. We’ll go ahead and add a general warning that it’s rather disturbing. This clip has been floating around the internets for a few days and when it was sent to us we thought, worst yoga teacher? Is this guy Juan Pablo from ‘The Bachelor’? Gilbert Gottfried? The Micro Machines dude from the 80s? If it doesn’t say Yoga™, it’s not the real thing!

Actually the yoga teacher in this video is a major sexual miscreant preying on his students. Let’s just say he’s got at the least the “goo” part right of guru. The video has its funny parts, especially around the 0:56 mark where the teacher intentionally tips over a student (because we know that’s happened before, at least accidentally!). But the majority of the clip is a cringeworthy two minutes of breast-groping, butt-grabbing, crotch-thrusting sexual harassment that our sophomoric brains might find funny but in light of everything going on in yoga, and the world, is just not making us laugh.

No disrespect to the work put into the film by its creator (who is a woman, by the way) and the actors/yogis involved, but YIKES was that the most uncomfortable thing we’ve watched in a while.

HOWEVER…however, perhaps a satire of the gross misuse and abuse of power in yoga being thrown in our faces is what’s needed to wake us up to the reality and remind us that it actually happens and isn’t funny business.


Trigger warning:



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  • VQ2

    How can I say this?

    The character is so androgynous–and without being gay proves himself (drama) queenlike–a swishy, bitchy, lecherous mean girly-man …

    Close enough to some real ones (who each have only a small number of this character’s traits) … it’s about his sense of entitlement and his ego, above all …

    Ogden the Inappropriate, could take lessons (and I don’t mean yoga) from this guy in how to be totally obnoxious …

    Want to see if this becomes a series …

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