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TWIY: Cult of Dungeons and Dragons Disco Yoga Mat Sandwich – PS. Go Seahawks!

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Is it cold in here or is that still the Polar Vortex breathing its freezing breath down our backs? Brrr. So it may still be winter, but we’re feeling the impending warmth of Spring. Or maybe that’s the four pairs of yoga pants we’ve had to wear to stay warm! In any case, we hope you’re keeping safe and warm wherever this e-message finds you. Now onto the news! That’s what we all came here for, right? Put on your slippers, kick back with a cup of tea and stay a while.

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:


So the Seahawks won the Super Bowl. Congrats Seattle! Did you play along with our game? We’ve been hearing how a lot of people have been inspired by the Seahawks yoga and meditation practice. For all the fans who have yet to be won over, here are a few sportsy yoga mats for your sportsy friends.


Speaking of sports, Competitive Yoga Sports are here whether we like it or not.


A bunch of smart people got together and created this neato LED Yoga Mat AKA the Disco Yoga Mat.

yoga-mat-sandwichDon’t worry, Subway said they’ll take the yoga mat ingredients out of your sandwich (hint: it’s not LED lights).


Love D&D and Yoga? It’s your lucky day! If you live in Brooklyn (naturally). Nerds and non-nerds welcome


A bar holds “Hottest Yoga Pants” competition and we wonder if it’s not the lamest way to capitalize on the comfort of our stretchy bottoms.

And when is it OK to use the word pimp in relation to your workout mat? No time. None.

Is the Cult of Yoga Ruining the Culture of Yoga? … Is YogaGlo Evil? Many questions with many answers. Read up on why they’re all valid and important.


And finally some fantastic news from the health files:  Yoga Reduces Fatigue and Inflammation in Cancer Survivors, Study Says 


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