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3 Sportsy Yoga Mats for Your Sportsy Friends

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The Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl and now everyone’s going crazy for yoga! An odd statement(!) to make unless you’ve been keeping up with how the Seahawks have taken on yoga and meditation practices to improve their overall game and potentially the future of football.

Has interest in yoga increased for the football-loving sports fan set? Maybe. We know for a fact the bizneprenvestors are keeping an eye on it — Fox Business contacted us to inquire (coincidentally, the same network debating the “wussification” America). We also know that people are pretty excited that football players are not only practicing yoga for the physical benefits of improved flexibility, focus, balance and injury prevention, but also the mind/body benefits of a meditation practice.

That’s where the Seahawks stand out. Football players have long been practicing yoga, and the Seahawks are certainly not the only ones, but openly embracing meditation as an okay thing not reserved just for the new age woo woos, anymore (not to mention QB Russell Wilson posing in seated meditation for ESPN) is kind of a cool and big deal.

But just in case your squeamish boyfriends and girlfriends haven’t been completely won over by yoga’s special teams tackle, here are a few sportsy yoga mats for your sportsy pals. You know what else you can tell them that’s, like, super hardcore and tough nuts? You can practice yoga without a mat. BOOM.

These special sports-themed mats come via All Sport Yoga, the brainchild of Kent Katich, the NBA’s “Yoga Guru.”

Basketball Court Yoga Mat:


Football Field Yoga Mat:


Soccer Field Yoga Mat:



Might we suggest you pass on the Beer Yoga Mat:




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  • Those mats are hysterical… It’s the equivalent of putting OM signs on footballs to get us yoga enthusiasts to get more excited about football? I don’t know about you, but that would TOTALLY make me into a sports fan overnight! I can’t wait to see your two-cents on the whole meditation/football thing on Fox Business. Don’t forget to post a link!

    • VQ2

      Love it when the comments drip with sarcasm!

      Well-deserved … those bar meet-ups on how to get women interested in football to please their colleagues and significant others … while true, is ALMOST as funny as this concept is …

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