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YD Links: White People Yoga, Beautiful Work of Body Art, Death Watch Gives Us a Life Countdown

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Our weekly roundup of YD links from the interwebs:


  • This week saw a shameful lack of self-awareness, or any awareness, with XOJane’s article from Jen Polachek, a white person who had a really tough time focusing in her yoga class because a “young, fairly heavy black woman” was looking on in “despair” and “contempt.” Folks, this is a lesson in how NOT to make progress in tolerance and acceptance in yoga, or in women’s blogs/lives for that matter. Further reading: Yoga Should Be a Culture, Not a Cult by Erika Nicole Kendall via NYMag.
  • Not to sound morbid, but we all know we’re going die. It’s part of why we do yoga, right? So we can eventually lie peacefully in corpse pose. Just in case you wanted to know exactly when that was going to happen, this watch can tell you! We’re sure that makes you feel better.



Visit her website for more images and info.

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  • VQ2

    No, no Superbowl:

    But this older lady’s informal scorecard of 3 outer borough and two Manhattan yoga studios in the new yoga from 2008–2013

    1st one: Cult (and publicly accused of being one on the Internet at Time Out online)
    2nd one: Old School place–taking steps on road to being Cult (in order to survive)*
    3rd one: Some Buddhist-oriented place that is Not a Cult
    4th one: Power Yoga (’nuff said): Cult-wannabe since about a year and half since opening
    5th one: Hot Yoga (not Bikram): Not a Cult, but can’t afford ($$/time) the place, attracts students and retirees, mostly with their schedule ..
    6th one: I take yoga here. They primarily make their money teaching pilates. CONCLUSION: Perhaps the only cult yoga around, is “Yoga Studio Yoga”

  • I really like reading your blog !


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