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Bar Holds ‘Hottest Yoga Pants’ Competition, Wins Award for Gross Co-Opting of Yoga Culture

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Taking the yoga pants “hotness” to a creepy new level, a bar in D.C. is throwing a “Yoga Pants Party” wherein one lucky individual could take home the title of “hottest yoga pants” and a $500 prize. (Thanks the brotastic BroBible for the tip.) Not a bad haul for being comfortable and not having to change your clothes (ever) but the substitute for the ever popular wet T-shirt contest further promoting the sexual objectification of women has me squirming in my spandex. Ladies, please do not wear your see-through lulus. Sigh. Is this what we yoga pants wearers asked for when we just want to feel comfy and relaxed in the seat area?


“Tired of dressing up? Want just come to dance in comfortable Yoga Pants?” the official invite implores like a pervy neighbor.

And yet, in the age of yoga pants ubiquity did women even need an invitation to wear them anywhere and everywhere? It’s sort of a no brainer at this point. The problem here is not that people are wearing yoga pants to the club – heck, the stretchy black pants of yesteryore (sorry, they were sometimes referred to as “hoochie pants” in the 90s and early 00s) weren’t too far from today’s yoga pants. Just throw on a pair of Payless pumps. We’re pretty sure these Yoga Dress Pants would transition nicely from the office to studio to the club.

The problem is not that some people find yoga pants sexy, either. Go on sisters, flaunt it if you got it. Why should women be made to feel uncomfortable in some of the most comfortable clothing created? Guys are just lucky to observe. (ps. outlining the shape of a woman’s body is nothing to be ashamed of.)

The issue I find here is the direct and outright sexualization of an item of clothing that, in its first intention*, is there to allow for comfort in the very internal, personal and non-competitive practice of yoga.

As yoga grows and yoga pants continue to become a statement of fashion and/or laziness from practitioners to Real Housewives to teenagers who want to be comfortable in school, it’s fairly irresponsible to use the words “yoga pants” as a catch all for everyone’s stretchy pants on this god-lovin’ planet. Can we stop that please? We’re guessing “Athletic Leggings Party” didn’t have a catchy enough ring to it.

*this is probably not the intention for a lot of companies lately because of stupid things like this.

[Via Slate]



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