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Super Yoga Bowl XLVIII: Seahawks vs Broncos

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super-yoga-bowl-omahaNot every Super Bowl is a Super Yoga Bowl! [said with thunderous vibrato] Though last year’s was a Ravenasana good time, and the year before gave it a Giant try, and actually more and more football teams are adding yoga to their practice routines. Because yoga isn’t “girly,” it’s just smart. And while we doubt there will be a repeat of Super Bowl Blackout Yoga we have faith the teams will demonstrate their agility and consciousness on the field, right Richard Sherman?

But just how do the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos match up? They both have embraced their ability to improve flexibility, balance and injury-prevention with yoga. Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll believes his conscious plays of meditation and mindfulness will change the future of the game for the better. On the other hand, Peyton Manning is one talented ball hurler. So who will win? We can’t say yet! But this handy sheet may give you a tip when placing your bets on who will drop in lotus pose mid-OMMMMahaaaa first.

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  • It’s not really yoga until we take it off the mat. I am reposting on my media, because Ommmmm-a-haaaaa is as yogic as it gets.

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