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TWIY: Office Yoga Pants That Are SFW, Coed Naked Yoga, Broncos Vs Seahawks Yoga Bowl

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Yoga pants for the Super Bowl? That would be crazy! But we now have yoga pants safe for the office, so why not, right? Those football pants look pretty stretchy already. Or, you know, we could all forget about that and just go naked. More on that later.

No yoga at the Grammys this year (or yoga pants, unless you count Cyndi Lauper – meaning Alexander McQueen is in the yoga business), but we had a fond flashback of Krishna Das performing last year. #represent (If you missed it, fill yourself in and watch the video here.)

Excited for the big football game? We are too, and it’s mostly because both teams are yogis! Read on about the Broncos AND the Seahawks. Oh and everything else yoga from the past week.

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:


TIME Magazine takes on the “Mindful Revolution” in the latest issue.


Laughter yoga, it can help veterans heal AND it has the power to diffuse passengers delayed for over four hours at JFK airport.


Getting tickets for outdoor yoga classes? This San Diego teacher is fighting for his rights in court.

EXCL Alec Baldwin takes a photo while Hilaria Thomas poses

What are husbands for? Alec Baldwin assist his wife shoot a momma yogi selfie on the streets of NYC. 


These Ganesha pants were pulled from Amazon for offending Hindus. What’s your take?


All our yoga pants problems can be solved with no pants and NYC’s first Coed Naked Yoga Studio. But then there’s the question of front of the room or back of the room?


It’s Broncos vs Seahawks next Sunday! We already know Seattle is up to yoga and meditation, but we were pleasantly surprised to learn Denver is in on it too! Will be a tough call if you’re taking bets.


And even in yoga shit happens. Be we can be like Forrest Gump and let it slide, yoga style.


So you want to wear yoga pants to work and not be fired? These may very well be your answer. Dress Yeggings!


An interesting study suggests restorative yoga helps with weight loss. And in other science news, yoga may also be helpful in preventing Type 2 diabetes.


FLOTUS pose? Michelle Obama turns to yoga as she turns 50. Let’s hope the government doesn’t make these zapping yoga gadgets part of national healthcare.


YogaDork Ed: When Good Rotator Cuffs Go Bad: Healing Shoulder Pain From The Inside Out


Ashley Judd is not only an inspiring activist, she’s an adorable yogi, too.


Last but not least…Congrats to winners of the ‘Calm Body, Clear Mind’ DVD by Jillian Pransky and ‘A Year of Living Your Yoga’ by Judith Hanson Lasater!



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