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Laughter Yoga Session Baffles and Delights Delayed Passengers at JFK Airport

in Public Display of Yoga


We’ve heard of airport yoga, but this is just hysterical. And here we were just extolling laughter yoga for helping veterans heal. One thing we know for sure, it can happen anywhere at anytime! As evidenced by this passerby’s recording of an impromptu laughter yoga session held at JFK airport when frustrated passengers were delayed four extra hours for a flight from NYC to Chile.

Good thing Francine Shore, a Laughter Yoga Teacher and Coach, was on hand to alleviate the situation with some comic relief. With permission from the airline staff, Shore led the people in a 20 minute laughter yoga session followed by a seated laughter meditation, which just sounds fascinating (and loud). (Warning: please do not attempt this in one of the new airport yoga rooms without full consent of your neighbors or we shall fear for your safety.)

As noted by Gothamist who first reported on the madness, this may be the LAST scene you’d want to involve yourself in when you’re annoyed, stressed out and just want to get to where you’re going. But as it turns out, the fellow passengers totally bought into the seemingly ridiculous practice.

And actually, as terrifying as it may appear to outsiders, we have to admit we couldn’t help but have grin on our face, and may have even eeked out a giggle or two, watching this clip. It really is contagious. And we’re sure it helped these people felt a little bit better (even if they did hit up the airport bar immediately after).

Last October Francine Shore led a laughter yoga flash mob for seniors in Columbus Circle. Catch the merriment and pom poms in action:

If you want to know who’s behind all of this laughtasticness it’s Dr. Madan Kataria. Read more about him here.

Photo: Ian Currie/News Limited – Laughter Yoga Australia



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  • arlet

    this is awesome! laughter is really contagious HA HA HA HAHAHA http://extendyoga.com/

  • I always say ” Let’s “UNCORK YOUR DORK” with my Laughter Yoga classes…so very fitting for Yoga Dork!
    I thank you..and I’m so glad you’ve FINALLY covered my work,as I’ve enjoyed reading about your explorations over the last few years! The passengers felt exhilarated after the laughter yogic experience. ~ Francine Shore http://www.laughteryogasalonnyc.com

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