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Alec Baldwin Helps Wife Hilaria Snap Street Yoga Pic

in Public Display of Yoga

EXCL Alec Baldwin takes a photo while Hilaria Thomas poses

This is New York City, public displays of yoga are everywhere, but every once in a while you’ll catch glimpse of a famous face, or in this case, a famous face snapping the yoga “selfie” of his famous wife and child in a now infamous stroller-supported Warrior 3.

Alec Baldwin isn’t shy to assist his wife Hilaria in her yoga endeavors (see prenatal DVD shoot) and he’s been known to have a few (granted, less than savory) run-ins with photogs on the street, so we’re not entirely surprised that the actor paused to snap a sidewalk shot of his yoga teacher wife and their new baby, but we admit it is kind of sweet.

Of course, the paparazzi got a shot of it which showed up on PageSix. The actual photo Mr. Baldwin took appeared on Hilaria’s Instagram as part of her #yogapostureoftheday series, with the caption:  “Multitasking mama #yogapostureoftheday warrior 3.”


Adding to the yoga selfie phenomenon, Hilaria has been posting photos each day of her practice, sometimes in impractical places.

While we can say we’re kind of over insta-selfie-ness and a photo will never capture your true practice, nor do we believe it should,  this one with the doormen and maintenance team of her building trying out their Utkatasana is particularly cute.


As well as this Happy Baby, giving Gisele a run for her Mommy/baby yogstagram cute-itude.





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  • T K

    So what? Its a couple doing what couples do…they couple. Paparazzi steal from them for a titillation and insta-judgement. Leave these people alone

  • VQ2

    The paparazzi (and society page photogs) are better marketers (AS WELL AS sociologists) than yoga teacher selfie-takers will ever be …

  • laportama

    What is a celebrity? She’s a couple days late for #jgirlyoga #jan14hyogachallenge and Shelley Adelle. we did this one — without assist — three days ago.

    NOTE when you publish celebrity and publicity, you risk becoming junk mail. Go read bramacharya and tell me where Patanjali says this is s good idea. Or even Iynegar. On the other hand, Rodney Yee and a few others might be into it.

  • someone in nyc

    Pardon my french, but fuck Hilaria. I know personally at least 4 people who have been injured by her sloppy adjustments, including pretty severe things like knee and shoulder tears. I don’t care that she’s married to some rich blow-hard. She shouldn’t be teaching.

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