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Yoga Dress Pants, Oh, It’s Really Happening

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So you want to wear yoga pants to work but they just aren’t classy and/or boring workplace-y enough? Do you wear yoga pants to the office anyway and ignore the sideways glances and requests from HR to stop wearing neon tie-dye and taking up so much space in the elevator doing your Warrior poses? This may be the perfect pair of yoga pants for you. Because they’re not yoga pants, they’re Dress Pant Yoga Pants! For a new twist on the jeggings craze.

They LOOK like dress pants, but shhhhh they’re really yoga pants, made out of a stretchy rayon, nylon and spandex blend with faux zippers, faux pockets and real belt loops and you can get a pair now for $79. (Side note: We’re pretty sure we bought a pair of these from Joyce Leslie back in the late 90s. They were called cheapo “dress up” pants, and they certainly weren’t $80.)

Designed by a company we can already thank/denounce for an actual real thing called Dress Pant Sweatpants, we can now wear faux dress pants to work, sneak out for a lunchtime yoga class and then pop right back into a meeting without ever changing and anyone ever noticing. (No word on the swamp-ass wicking qualities.)

All kidding aside, we can see the attraction of pants like this, and others clearly can as well. The pants are being featured on Betabrand, a crowdfunding platform which creates a clear answer to the question of supply and demand. At 686 percent beyond their goal, the yogis/office workers/tight pants haters have spoken.


The redundant-yet-no-nonsense-ly named Dress Pant Yoga Pants were created by Sarah James, a Director at Think Tank and a dabbler in the comfy office wear designing industry. She explains why these “business-slack” meets yoga pants were necessary:

“Based on the insane popularity of yoga pants, I wanted to create a pair of pants that would work for power yogis and Powerpoint professionals, all of which led me to create Dress Pant Yoga Pants.

A lot of women wear their exercise leggings just about everywhere — they practically live in them — these pants allows you to do that but look classier in the process.”

For those of you who thought your cute yoga pants were classy enough, think again. Call us when they figure out the Dress Shirt Yoga Shirt, because button downs are the worst.




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  • VQ2

    You younger-than-40 women have it rough. I really do get by at a full time job (dress code “not quite publishing-casual” with the Dipper and Bettona pants from Athleta. But then, not everybody works in Midtown Manhattan … nor do they want to part with wearing their Lulus …

    And then, obviously, some apparel companies overemphasize the differences. Anything to make a buck.

  • S.

    Anything that takes the market share away from Lululemon is okay by me.

  • I think they’re ugly.
    But I don’t do offices, so….

  • Yogawithjeff

    Why don’t they make them for men?

  • Jenn

    In the last pic, her foot is pressing on her knee joint. That is all I noticed. Before you shoot your first campaign, please consult with an actual yogi… otherwise we’re all gonna be like, “nice full-page spread in YJ, but her left knee shouldn’t be jutting out over her left foot like that.” Distracting from the glory of the pants.

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