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Giving Back: 3 Yoga Projects Worth Your Time and Donations Right Now

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Yoga is making a difference in many people’s lives. But not everyone has access to it. Here are 3 projects from organizations and individuals out there working hard to bring yoga to more people so they may, too, enjoy the benefits of the practice. They just need a little help from their friends, and we think they’re worth it. Check em out!

People’s Yoga – More Than Yoga Movement


A group of people want to bring the first community yoga studio to Los Angeles’s Eastside where there is very little or no yoga to be found at all. Why? Their mission is to be the People’s Yoga, where multiple yoga styles and offerings can be available to the community of East LA under one roof, where anyone and everyone is welcome to practice. Check out their campaign video below and consider making a donation to their indiegogo.

Yoga at Druid Hills High School


The Atlanta Yoga Movement is an Atlanta-based nonprofit made up of yoga teachers working to bring the practice to students, staff, teachers, and administrators of local schools. Their latest mission is to turn a weekly “Yoga Fridays” class at Druid Hills High School into a full-on part of the curriculum where teachers can be paid for their efforts and the students can reap the many benefits of a regular yoga practice.

They need your help to make it happen. Check out the campaign video below featuring the school’s gung-ho principal and send a message to school district administrators that yoga is a valuable tool for kids today by making a donation.

ProjectSPACE: bike tour to bring yoga to underserved spaces

projectspace-biketourProjectSPACE is all about bringing yoga to unconventional spaces, like city streets, and under-served (ie not served) communities. So they’ve put together a crowdfunding campaign and a 45-day, 1600-mile bike tour to bring yoga to multiple cities along the east coast. The founding mission of ProjectSPACE is “to assist individuals struggling with trauma, abuse, addiction, homelessness and poverty, through the practice of yoga and self-care principles.” The bike tour will allow founder Kristen Sylvester to teach one-day yoga workshops at various facilities focusing on exercises and practices for anxiety, stress reduction, PTSD. The journey will be filmed along the way and eventually turned into a documentary.

Spring 2014
Philadelphia, PA to Miami, FL
~1600 miles
~45 days
via Bicycle!

Check out the campaign video below and consider making a donation on their indiegogo page.

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