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Come On, Voga (Yoga+Voguing is a Thing)

in Meditations on Mutations, We’ve Noticed This Is A Thing


To say it’s a growing trend might be just a stretch, but this new Voga thing clearly has its appeal: Yoga+Voguing? Because, why not? Those two words just work so well together. And all that posing. Please, you know Madonna is retroactively kicking herself in the cone-shaped boob for not making it a thing herself.

What, or perhaps a better word, how is this Voga?

We assume most of you know what yoga is. That’s the first part. Voguing (or vogueing, depending on what side of the pond you’re writing from) is a highly stylized and expressive dance form originating in the drag pageantry battles of the 80s and inspired by Egyptian art, which was then adapted to the club scene combining fashion, music and hot moves on the dancefloor. Madonna adopted it in the 90s and the rest is history.



And this:

According to Voga’s foremost advocate and creator, Juliet Murrell a London-based yoga teacher, Voga is for anyone who likes both dance and yoga. And although the hybrid was just hatched in November 2013, Juliet is planning to have Voga take the world by storm with the striking power of poses, flashy dance moves and a torrent of 80s dance music.

Her House of Voga facebook page describes the yoga-vogue connection:

This slick and angular aspect of vogueing resembles the physical alignment of yoga. In yoga we also hold poses to build strength and mindfulness and a fusing of the two disciplines adds an extra energy and purposefulness to both.

Voga is for people who like the idea of yoga but also want a definite cardiac workout while having a good time without losing the focus. Voga prioritises the toning of the arms and draws attention to the periphery parts of the body, particularly the hands and wrists which on a physical level improves blood circulation, flexibility and alignment, and on a spiritual level manifests a sense of wholeness and confidence.

Eat your heart out, Dana Flynn.

OK, we can see how this might be a fun time. AND we get to relive neon, polka dots and scrunchies? That just sounds fab. Buzzfeed staff member Ailbhe Malone seems to have enjoyed it, judging by her recap (and listicle, of course) of a recent trial run in a nightclub in London.

Overall it was a sweaty, funky and positive experience:

“There were about 15 people in the class, and everyone was laughing throughout. Juliet continually shouted “YOU LOOK GREAT!” and encouraged everyone to only work to their own level of fitness,” Malone recounts.

While some yoga practitioners and purists would balk at the thought, the voguing community, which has seen a recent resurgence, has also taken offense and some old school voguers have spoken out against the commandeering of their precious art form. As one youtube commenter put it:

I would strongly advise that you do not proceed any further with what you are doing. Your voguing vocabulary is completely incorrect and offends me to say the least, especially stating in the clip that you are going to be taking this around London. I am a true voguer and the embodiment of the art form, you my dear are merely a falseprophet. Go back to your drawing board and do your homework thoroughly, research is of the essence. If you are going to do something, then do it right.

Some of you yogis might echo that sentiment. And yet, you heard it here first: Voga – Coming soon to a yoga+music+rave festival/Wanderlust stage near you!

Whatever your thoughts, we highly doubt anyone can deny the amazingness that exists in each and every one of these rad-tastic flyers.






top image Ailbhe Malone / Via BuzzFeed



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  • Jessica

    While the term “yoga” is loosely used here. I’m not even gonna lie. I would totally throw on a lisa frank cropped sweatshirt and get my voga on.

  • Hmmm…goodyoga offered a goodvoga workshop on our schedule in October with teacher Jacob Parkinson . It was advertised in August of 2013. So me thinks we coined the term, as well as “Madonnasana.” Just saying…for the record 😉

  • Didi

    Culturally insensitive and offensive on all accounts… I’m sure it will sell a lot of teacher trainings.. followed by a centerfold in Yoga Journal.

  • So now we have come full circle. American yoga studios grew out of the aerobics model, and now the yoga girls are just returning to their roots. Looks like fun!

  • inneroutervisions

    No No No NOOOOO! First you should know how to vogue! Respect the art form.

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