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Cute Huggies Baby Yoga Commercial

in Yoga Pop


“Can our flexible waistband survive the upward facing bottom pose?” is the question every yoga pants company in the world should be asking. At least diaper brand Huggies has the chutzpah to do so in this adorable Baby Yoga commercial featuring a bunch of munchkins and their munchkin moms rolling around on yoga mats to show how their diapers don’t leak. And it’s a good thing they don’t, because if they did, you’d need a lot more than tea tree oil to disinfect those things. The mats, we mean.

We caught the ad last night while maybe or maybe not clicking through the Oxygen network. With all the yoga in advertising out there these days, this is probably one of the most innocuous ads we’ve seen (comparably) – cute babies, caring moms, miniature headstands only toddlers can pull off with such agility and playfulness, and a happy baby thrown in for good measure? Bravo, Huggies, bravo.

When do we see the one for Depends?



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