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Best Yoga Videos of 2013

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Want to be inspired? Perplexed? Brought back in time to the yoga of yesteryears? Laugh until your manipura hurts? The yoga videos of 2013 have the potential for all of that and more. Revisit some of the most interesting, funny, and uplifting videos from the past year.

Crowded Yoga Class Parody is Hilarious and Spot On (VIDEO)

In Pursuit of the Elusive Handstand, AKA It’s All Practice (VIDEO)

Among Yogis: Awesome French Newsreel Footage of 1950s Yoga (VIDEO)

England Rugby Team Yoga (VIDEO)

Dog Shows Off Yoga Master Moves (VIDEO)

Yoga Meets Performance Art: Lady Gaga Chants Naked in the Abramovic Method Demo Video

How Yoga Saved Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, Or the Yoga Mission of Diamond Dallas Page (VIDEO)

This is Way Too Cute and Dorky Not to Share – Queen Street Yoga “Give Love” Music Video

Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Mocks Yoga Pants Shortage Crisis – Video

Cat Yoga With the Internet’s Feline Expert – Video

Is This You? Yoga Class Road Rage (VIDEO)

Harlem Shake Yoga Style – Videos

Last but not least, it’s maybe not the best video, but it’s the most newsworthy of the year:

Chip Wilson, ‘Sad for People of Lululemon,’ Issues Apology to Employees, Asks Customers to Remain Loyal



Best and Funniest Yoga Videos of 2012

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