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Kansas City Chiefs Wide Receiver, Dwayne Bowe, Gets His Touchdowns With Yoga

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Kansas City Chiefs v Washington Redskins

Kick. Throw. Catch. Tackle. Run! Clearly all very yoga-like things to do, yeah? OK, maybe not (unless you’re in a class like this). But, bend, stretch, breathe, relax seem to be very football-like things to do lately and it’s really helping, according to some players who’ve made the practice part of their conditioning ritual. For Dwayne Bowe, a wide receiver with the Kansas City Chiefs, doing yoga every week is what helped him make a recent touchdown in the snow.

“The snow definitely gives me an advantage. After the game I talked to some of the linebackers and they said nobody wants to hit or be tackled in that kind of weather. If you’re a big physical guy, they’re going to take bad angles or try to hit you up high. Just having great balance, doing yoga every week, helped me get into the end zone,” Bowe said in an interview after his touchdown against the Washington Redskins last week.

And Bowe seems pretty serious about his yoga. When he missed the first day of training camp this past summer due to a virus he still hung on the sidelines and did his practice. Every little bit counts, man.

image: Rob Carr/Getty Images

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