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The Search is Over, This Cocaine Yoga Mat is All We Really Need

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And you’d thought you’d seen it all. Do we really need to say more? OK we will. Because this deserves an explanation.

This interesting piece is one of the seven yoga mats designed by contemporary artists that debuted this week at Miami’s swanky artsy, boozy fest, Art Basel. The collection called Grey Area Yoga was commissioned by the studio known as Grey Area, or actually it’s “the undefined space between art and design where art is made functional and the functional is made art.” Artists are encouraged to blur boundaries and cross lines. In this case, it’s lines of cocaine, apparently.

The Eco-friendly Cocaine Yoga Mat (not its official title) is designed by Jon Kessler and can be yours for $90, which is really a fine discount on a super-sized $100 bill.

Note: It’s all in the good spirit of satire of course.

Jon Kessler’s design satirizes the materiality of the mat and how one physically interacts with it. Instead of rolling up the yoga mat to close a nourishing experience, the artist forces a shift; the practitioner rolls up a printed $100 bill as if about to ingest cocaine.

And the medium becomes the message. Ah, art.

Lest we neglect…there are 6 other atsy yoga mats to check out that are not quite as interesting, unless you like Mr. Clean and ammunition tapestries, the irony of spirituality and commerce, or a cat doing cobra pose. WAIT…there’s a cat?? See them all below and at the Grey Area shop.


Grey Area also curated some yoga classes during Art Basel which we assume were bring your own mat/drugs/inner art critic/etc.

[via Well & Good]

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  • Big Om Daddy

    I think this is fantastic. After all there is a whole clothing line based on being spiritual “gangsters.” Perhaps the next thing is to get a line of mats from Jihadi Yogi. I’m sure the very absorbent ISIS mat will sell quite well.

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