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H&M Ramps Up Yoga Gear for 2014

in Yoga Pants


Yogsters and yoga pants wearers can now add H&M to the long list of others when it comes to stretchy bottom options. The international hipster-chic clothing chain, which not too long ago opened up online retail for the first time, could become a real contender in hugging your beautiful, huggable thighs. A new and expanded men’s and women’s athletic wear line will debut January 2 and will range in price from $15 to $70, Racked estimates. (Euro prices are out, but none for the US yet. Athletic pants currently on the site average out at about $25 a pair).

The line will include lots of running stuff – jackets, pants, shorts – plus sports bras, “quick dry pieces,” yoga pants and a yoga mat, just one for now, which is pink. The current site already has a lot of yoga-ish stuff in the sportswear department, though they’re not called “yoga pants,” but “sports pants” instead. However, this may change when the new line debuts online right after the holiday season.

H&M is known for its mostly affordable, cute, yet somewhat disposable, clothing – think IKEA for your body – but we’re interested to see how their yoga gear will stack up against big brands like Gap, Old Navy and Target in terms of quality, price and size (H&M offers clothing up to 3XL but most of the pants tap out at XL – US size 18-20). After all, everyone and their Aunt Lakshmi is clamoring to cover your butts, yogadorks. We bet your rear end has never felt so loved.

[Via Racked]





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  • Bombshelle

    I love the H&M range and they are on every second yogini (including me) in our Amsterdam studio cos they are so dang affordable….our only complaint with them is the dye is not colour-fast in hot yoga conditions…it runs and soaks through all the towels….no matter how often you wash them, something about 40C temps makes the dye run like crazy!

    They don’t have the same problem in non-heated classes, so those not into hot yoga can get their H&M on without staining everything within a 2 metre radius hot pink 😉

  • Is any of it sweatshop free?

    • paul

      no. (at least, that is the safe bet, h&m is a serial user of factories with abusive labor practices but because of the distance all large retailers place between themselves and the factories it is usually impossible to say. The Gap (which owns Athleta and Old Navy), Target, and pretty much every big retailer takes advantage of this diffusion of responsibility. http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2013/11/india-garment-factories-sumangali is an amazing article on how corrosive and brutal the diffused end is.)

  • That’s awesome, I love H&M! I hope they provide good quality yoga clothing!

  • Eileen

    These clothes are cute, but I’d like to throw the idea out of not buying anything new and just wearing the same ol’ tanks and leggings that most of us already have. In some ways yoga has become more commercial since its gone mainstream, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We can resist the marketing! (and thanks to the previous posters for bringing up the sweatshop issue. )

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