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Yogitoes Sues Under Armour and Lululemon for Towel Infringement

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Suing has become commonplace in a time when there are more yoga products, props and whosiwhatsits than we can shake a sticky mat at. Which is why this latest yoga towel lawsuit doesn’t have us all that shocked. Yogitoes, which one might argue is the foremost provider of yoga mat towels and naked yogi ads * has sued Under Armour AND Lululemon for infringing on their patented “Skidless” yoga towel.

Yogitoes patented their design back in 2005, which seems like not that long ago, but in comparison to the skyrocketing growth of hot yoga in recent years, it might as well have been eons ago, and could almost be considered ahead of the curve. Since yoga mats can be slippery and sweat has yet to be wicked away into non-existence, a lot of yoga practitioners opt for adding a mat towel which absorbs perspiration and helps improve grip.

Apparently, there is a very special formula behind the grippiness and Yogitoes is not happy about other companies sliding through and stealing their design/customers.

“Once the client noticed that there were these infringing mats out there, they moved pretty quickly to file a lawsuit,” said Glenn Trost, a lawyer representing Yogitoes.

They filed suit against Lululemon on Sept. 30 and then filed another against Under Armour on Nov. 21. Yogitoes is a pretty well-known brand in the yoga world, but they’re really just the little guys in this scenario. Of course, it should be noted they’re not the littlest guys, either (there are other yoga mat towel options out there, really!). There are no details yet of what Yogitoes is seeking in damages, and we’re not sure which element(s) have been infringed upon, but it’s safe to say this whole thing is a slippery slope when toes have been stepped on.

*CORRECTION: It was incorrectly noted that Yogitoes makes naked yoga ads, when in actuality it’s the other yoga toe brand called Toesox. Apologies all around.




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  • Caroline

    FYI, toe sox has the beautiful naked yogi ads, not yogitoes.

    • VQ2

      Toesox seems to also manufacture beautiful naked yogi AIDS … is THAT where we’re going with this?

    • YD

      oy! yes you’re totally right. too many toes on the brain. thanks, all fixed now.

  • Semper Fi

    Lululemon getting sued? Couldn’t happen to a nicer group of folks.

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