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TWIY: New Study, DVD Giveaway, Limited Edition YD Tees, What’s Your Yoga Mat’s Name?

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And then it was December! The calendar does not lie. While Thanksgiving has already come and gone in unbelievable speedy fashion, we wanted to take a moment to extend our deepest gratitude to you, dear yogadorks, for being a huge part of this here journey thus far and for keeping us on our toes, while simultaneously, and regularly, reminding us why we continue to do what we do.  2,270 published posts and counting…and for that we THANK YOU!

We hope you’ll stick with us as we dive head first into the holiday season and endeavor to close out 2013 right and the only way we know how…with just as much yogadorkiness and hootenanny hijinks as conceivably possible. And when we need a break, we’ll take a time out on Ms. Sweaty Toes.

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:


Our first order of business: YogaDork ‘Dorkasana’ T-Shirts Are Here!

Physiology of stress
Survey says! Yoga is awesome.
Study Finds Meditation and Yoga Affect Brain, Body and Genes, In a Good Way, Warding Off Stress and Disease

YogaDork Ed: To Contract Or Not To Contract – What To Do With a Shortened Psoas

Yoga at the Aquarium never seemed so disconcerting. Ahimsa or ahimsowhat?
Yogis Rally to Protest Yoga With Whales at Vancouver Aquarium


YogaPop for the singing pipes.
Christina Aguilera Has ‘Voice’ Team Practice Yoga to Center and Release ‘Stagnant Energy’

Yoga Journal has a new editor. What could this mean for the mag’s future?
New Yoga Journal Editor-in-Chief is a ‘Fitness Junkie’ from SELF Magazine


In case you wanted a wrap up of the fiasco and a hearty, deserved chuckle courtesy of Mr. Colbert.
Sheer Madness: The Definitive Lululemon Yoga Pants Controversy Roundup Featuring Stephen Colbert and the ‘Worst Apology Ever’


Madame Slick Wizard. Is totally what Oprah Winfrey’s might be.
What’s Your Yoga Mat’s Name?


Just a few days left to enter!
YogaDork Giveaway: J. Brown’s Yoga DVD + Exclusive Clip!

Don’t miss out! Expires December 4th.
YD Deal: 15% Off Wildflower Tie Dye Yoga Gear



TWIY: Harry Styles’ Yoga Ballet, Stop Body-Shaming, Heal PTSD Through Yoga

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