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YogaDork Giveaway: J. Brown’s Yoga DVD + Exclusive Clip!

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Those of you who are regular YD readers will know J. Brown has been bringing his insightful, honest and thought-provoking yogopinions for years. Whether it’s on the merits of sustainability or how gentle is the new advanced, we’ve enjoyed reading what J. has to offer. Besides being a skillful writer and thinker, J. is also a yoga teacher (studying traditions in Ashtanga-Vinyasa, Iyengar, and Kirshnamacharya/Desikachar/Mark Whitwell) and yoga studio owner. Yep, he’s a yogi, too! And it’s our great pleasure to share with you another one of J.’s great offerings, this time in DVD format.

In his very first Yoga DVD, J. Brown will lead practitioners through “a deeply breath-centered, therapeutic yoga practice that adapts to individual needs.” With no direct body-related goal in mind (read: this is not your patented weight-loss DVD), the five different practices are meant to help improve “well-being, intimacy with self, and lessening of pain.” This DVD is for everyone and anyone.

DVD features:

  •  5 different practices (7, 15, 30, 60 and 70 minute options equaling 3 hours total)
  • Customizable teaching commentary.
  • Amplified breath soundtrack.

More info about the DVD at jbrownyogavideo.com. We have an exclusive sneak peek clip below!

WIN: We’re giving away J. Brown’s Yoga DVD to 5 yogadorks, courtesy of Mr. Brown himself.

TO ENTER: We hope your haiku muscles ready because it’s about that time! Samadhi knows that, during this time of year especially, we could all use the reminder to slow down and turn inward. But there are so many festivities and treats! We know! Totally valid, and fun, but we really are so lucky to have yoga and meditation to bring us back to our center. In your best haiku-itude, share with us how you may take haven in the sanctuary of your yoga practice in the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle. Reminder: haikus are three line poems with the first line 5 syllables, second line 7 and the third line 5 again.

Here’s ours:

bright lights, jingle bells

we inhale pie and fresh pine

exhale peace and joy.

Your turn! Share with us in the comments here on the site, on facebook or on twitter.

The giveaway will close 11:59 pm Wednesday, December 4. Five winners will be chosen at random and announced soon after. Good luck!

Check out the exclusive clip from the DVD!

J. Brown Yoga – Sun Salutation Excerpt with Extra Teaching Commentary from J. Brown on Vimeo.

UPDATE: Wow, these were so much fun to read. Thank you all for sharing your wonderful haikus! Here are the five lucky winners: Abby, Deborah H, Dunia, Rebecca H, Hayley. Congrats! Thanks again to all.

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  • Leah Rodgers

    My yoga-themed holiday Haiku : )

    Loved ones, namaste
    bound in a holiday prose
    love, a balance pose

  • donna

    standing in mountain
    i will practice pranayama
    in line at the stores

    • donna

      ack … take out the “will”

  • Abby

    what an awesome clip
    dvd looks super cool
    he did a great job

  • Moi

    Kitty in the tree
    Stay calm like I learned to be
    Kitty still in tree

  • Becky

    Busy December
    Stress obscures season’s spirit
    Pause to simply breathe

  • Deborah H

    Green tea is my friend
    It calms me when shopping for gifts
    It warms my hands too

  • Marina G

    Don’t forget yoga
    Soothing your body and mind
    During this fun time

  • Debbie Johnson

    Sweets savasana
    Winter darkness falls early
    Mats by the wood stove

  • Natasha

    On a yoga mat
    Mind body spirit connect
    The last vinyasa

  • Tammy C.

    balance – stress and breath
    fun plans – friends and family
    yoga – mindfulness

  • Dave

    Namaste Yogis

    Meditate on holidays

    to stay true to your yoga

  • JJ

    Avoid the store, for
    Love is not a door-buster.
    Consume less, breathe more.

  • Marcy

    Yoga is my breath
    To flow into life’s seasons
    I bend but don’t break

  • Leslie

    No school tomorrow
    I quit my job yesterday
    Hey Kids let’s have fun!

  • Great info. Lucky me that I discovered your blog by chance. I have saved as a favorite for later! Keep sharing 

  • George

    Excuse yourself from
    the chatter of the table–
    outside, breathe deeply.

  • Shanna

    Families gather
    Turkey, stress, and pumpkin pie
    Just breathe in and out.

  • Heather Hennessey

    Rosemary tree,blue lights
    cuddled up cats and knitting
    flow along namaste

  • Dan

    Breathe into calmness

    Mindfullness is where it’s at

    Namaste to all

  • Mia

    We are all perfect
    Take perfect from the perfect
    We are still perfect

  • Sarah

    Hustle and bustle
    Celebrations and laughter
    Divine lights and peace.

  • Mary

    Far from my birthplace
    follow the breath, still the mind–
    home for holidays!

  • NCDan

    J. Brown is so right
    Gentle is the new advanced
    And the old advanced

  • Your body temple
    Sacred, breathing, chanting, still
    No idol chatter

  • Guy Friswell

    Holiday senses blare
    Mindstuff rattling deep discord
    Pratyahara – Bliss!

  • KrisR

    I breathe in and hold
    sweetness and freedom enfold
    i exhale and live

    Looks like a great DVD!

  • Sir Sasana


    K. Pattabhi Jois
    And Krishnamacharya
    To you, I give thanks


  • Carolyn

    I have a couple haiku’s:
    Family and Friends
    Gather together for food
    Inhale gratitude

    Hustle and bustle
    Crowds, lights, music and laughter
    Meditate for peace

    Over the river
    and through the woods to my house
    A haven for peace

    Grandkids, family
    Togetherness and dinner
    Peace for everyone

  • No need to consume
    Shopping is overrated
    Choose stillness and peace

  • Roya

    Let yourself enjoy
    The food, football, and shopping
    Yoga is balance

  • Carolyn

    I have one more for you:

    Inhale center self
    Practicing Pranayama
    Exhale release stress

  • Find peace in your heart,
    Radiate that calm outside,
    Spreading love as well.

  • Kate

    White lights glow at night,
    Respite on the mat, delight;
    Breath and movements right.

  • Charissa Struble

    Oh the humanity
    Another holiday prize
    I hope I win one!

    My wonderful Haiku!

  • Connected to breath
    The mat calls me each morning
    Let go, surrender

  • The light, the garden.
    Let the silence enfold us,
    pausing in Jerez.

  • Rebecca

    Light is all but brief
    Invigorated by cold
    To the beach we go!

    I like to walk with my pup where there are no crowds.

  • C. Raksha Elmer

    Breathe In, Breathe Out now
    Yoga poses bring balance
    Peaceful Holidays!

  • April

    today’s present came
    unwrapped in ten minutes
    sweet svasana

  • Alys Dahbura

    Cold Chills and Dries
    Internal Warmth Nourishes
    Peace, Love, Hope, and Joy

  • Ashley

    Outside is so cold
    Turn the heat up warm my soul
    Yoga makes me warm.

  • tobie szelagowski

    My haiku:
    Warm room, deep breathing
    meditation in movement
    This moment for me

  • Pine smell, happy voices
    We see bright lights, hear joyful songs
    Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantiii

  • Hana

    Silent night of peace
    I watch the inner fires calm
    Bask in embers’ glow

  • Cynthia Amoruso

    Ahimsa peace calm
    Blessing all beings on earth
    Light and love guide us

  • Hayley

    J Browne DVD for me!
    Yes please Yoga Dork under the Christmas Tree,
    New Year new Chilled me 🙂

  • Daniel Sernicola

    Holiday tension
    Can be reduced with Yoga
    Breathe in and be here

  • Nick Mattos

    inhale, exhale: stop
    believing in the meaning
    of this bad dreaming

  • Yael

    You are not darkness.
    What lies in wait, shimmering
    Winter, hidden light.

  • Nick Xinogalas

    These long winter nights

    Beware false lights around you

    Return within! Breathe!

  • Emily

    let your yoga be
    refuge, serenity, prayer
    and if desired, share

  • Aparigraha
    Let go first, then open to
    Love. Purusha. One.

  • all bodies are beautiful
    advanced yoga is nuance-
    slow down to progress

  • karen

    my holiday-themed haiku!

    Can’t beat Christmas treats
    Pants are getting tighter now
    Can’t forward fold now!

    • Angelena

      Fabulously funny and accurate!

  • Teachers need classes
    Learning never stops for us
    Meditate to learn

  • Isabelle Lapointe

    Pretty cool dvd… i love is voice…. very calming!
    I will use it every day for sure!

  • nancy

    Getting on my mat
    Breathing deep and letting go
    Peace returns to me

  • lila

    i’ve never done a haiku . so im not sure if i did it right.

    road rage burn sage
    mall fights and parking lot jams
    clear quartz letting go

  • stephanie power

    breathe in joy and love
    pranayama sets me free
    asana brings peace

  • Roll Out The Mat Time
    Om Shanti Breathe Bring Peace Please
    Heart Full Head Quiet Stillness

  • Brian Beaton

    It’s not easy here
    to win j’s DVD but
    I will keep trying

  • Cindy

    Happy holidays
    Well, hello there new yogi
    So glad to see you!

  • Caroline

    Stressful time of year
    Yoga is my calm and peace
    Ah, savasana

  • Mary-Jo

    Present moment aware
    Stand tall then lay in stillness
    Breathe in time XmasOm

  • Eliza Wolfe

    omg, so bagged
    but yoga makes it better
    get on the damn mat

  • Reiki energy
    Will rock your chakras big time
    Hari Om Tat Sat

  • Dawn

    Inward reflection
    Lets us outwardly show love
    Peace on earth to all

  • Calm of the winter
    Warm breaths thaw cold hearts until
    one day the spring comes

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