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TWIY: Harry Styles’ Yoga Ballet, Stop Body-Shaming, Heal PTSD Through Yoga

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We hope you had a happy full moon! And we don’t mean through your sheer yoga pants. Ohhhhh. OK, bad joke. But…seriously, is nothing sacred anymore? Do we have to go all Olivia Newton John “Physical” with our neon spandex now? Because we will. And you better believe we’ll enjoy it.

But enough about yoga pants, they’re supposed to relieve our stress, not cause more of it.

Let’s talk about yogadork SHIRTS: There will once again be YD t-shirts and we need your help with the design!

We’re actually getting a lot of feedback and interest in the limited run we did a couple of years ago (see design above) which could mayyybe make a triumphant return.

Read on about how you can enter your own design idea and stay tuned for more info and possibly a poll to pick your fave.

And now the rest of your news…

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:


Headstand is forbidden for this spiffy coiffeur.
One Direction’s Harry Styles Chooses Yoga Over Ballet

Olympic gymnast Alexei Nemov squats for his ride.

Olympic gymnast Alexei Nemov squats for his ride.

Free subway rides for yoga poses?
Moscow’s Free-Subway-Ride-for-Squats Could Have Been an Awesome Yoga Break


When yoga pants become a feminist issue.
Change.org Petition Urges Chip Wilson and Lululemon to ‘Stop Shaming Women’s Bodies’


Yoga is for every body, and mind.
Help Veterans with PTSD Through Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation


Have a design idea? Let us know!
Calling All Creatives…Design the Next YogaDork T-Shirt!


Our new sister site launched! Check her out: Introducing: Our Sister Site Salted Scarletry



TWIY: Yoga Pants Relieve Stress (Even See-Through Ones), Queer Yoga, Detroit Lions

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