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Calling All Creatives…Design the Next YogaDork T-Shirt!



If your vrittis are often overflowing with colors and images during yoga or if your idea of a perfect daily meditation consists of drawing, designing, creating or any combination of the three…and you consider yourself a yogadork with a sense of humor, you may be the one to design the next YogaDork T-shirt!

We’re currently accepting design submissions and gathering them up quickly so the tees can be ready for the holiday season (which is just about upon us!) so please send in your ideas and mockups asap to YD@yogadork.com.

Above pic is of “dorkasana” the winning design from 2011 by Emily L. We can’t wait to see your ideas!



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  • Suraiyya

    Where can I get that Dorkasana tshirt to purchase ?

  • jenn

    Ditto… I want the Dorkasana t-shirt

  • Ann

    All women’s t-shirts should have a nice neckline. Ample women should not have to wear men’s t-shirts. Make the women’s sizes large enough.

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